The History of the Organization

The Emerald Association grew out of an AOH meeting that was held at O’Donnell’s Pub, Rt 52, Carmel, NY in the late summer of 1974. Jerry Grant, along with Andy Flatley, Ed Galligan and Frank Sheridan attended the meeting hosted by Pat O’Hanlon, Joe Burke and Herb Round. Pat O’Hanlon was the first President of The Emerald Association; Andy Flatley was the second President and Jerry Grant served as the first Vice President under both Pat and Andy. Some other charter members of the Emeralds are Owen Farrell, Tom Hudson and Ed Dean to name a few. John Glynn was the only President to serve for three terms and Angela Higgins was the first female President. There were many people, too numerous to mention, who were responsible for the success of The Emerald Association and they deserve our appreciation, as well.

The first Emerald dance, also known as the Fall Dance, was held at Putnam Lake in November 1974 and Ed Kelly’s children were the first step dancers to provide entertainment for the Emeralds. The first St. Patrick’s Day Dance was held at the Lake Carmel Clubhouse on Vernon Drive and Clubhouse Road. The Emeralds outgrew that facility immediately and held future dances at the George Fischer Middle School in Carmel for many years.  In recent years, the Emeralds have enjoyed the dance at Vails Grove Pavilion in Brewster, NY.

Emerald meetings were initially held at the Putnam County Savings Bank, the Presbyterian Community Center in Brewster, the Knights of Columbus in Carmel and the American Legion Hall in Brewster and for many memorable years at Reed Farm in Brewster, NY.  Our meetings are now held at the Trinity Lutheran Church Route 6 Brewster, NY.