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The Emerald Association Scholarships are awarded each year to graduating high school students who are planning to continue their education at a college, university or approved business school. The candidates must be sons, daughters, grandsons or granddaughters of members of The Emerald Association of Putnam County.

Please complete the Application and return to:

Nuala Donnelly (

Guidelines for the $600 Emerald Scholarship:

  • Candidates who meet all the guidelines may participate in the scholarship lottery, but only 6 will be chosen.
  • The drawing will take place at the April general membership meeting.
  • A member in good standing must submit candidate’s name, dues must be paid by March 31st of current year.
  • Candidate’s representative must be a member for the last 2 calendar years.
  • Member must have attended a minimum of 4 meetings each year. (Attendance Sign‐In required.)
  • Candidate must be represented at the drawing by herself/himself or the representative listed above.
  • The proceeds of the scholarship will be paid upon successful completion of the 1st semester and submission of proof (College Transcript/report card) to the scholarship administrator.
  • Candidates or members of their family are required to help at the annual Feis held each May and demonstrate a history of participation in events that promote “Irish Culture”* or participate in Community Service during Middle and High School. (Min 10 hrs)
  • Completed application must be received by the Scholarship Administrator, Nuala Donnelly at or before the March meeting.

*Gaelic football, hurling, Irish step dancing, musical instrument or other Irish traditional activity.

Good Luck!

Nuala Donnelly

Scholarship Administrator